Wednesday, May 15, 2013

T-16 : Golf 71

Today I finally used my golf course gift card that I got 2 Father's Days ago.  The planets finally aligned to where I knew the exact price for green fees was $7 -- based on the advertisement on the outside fence -- and I had a reasonable idea that I could go alone without having to be paired up with anyone.  What's more, I shot a 71!  Golfers will know that's a good score; usually 1 under par!  As a matter of full disclosure, though, I must admit that it was only a 9-hole course.  That's pretty good for a beginner, though.  Now I'm committed to going each Monday throughout the Summer as I try to improve my game and get a bit of exercise in a way funner than running.  So, now I'll have this schedule:
Monday Golf
Tuesday Soccer
Wednesday Jog
Thursday Bowling
Friday Soccer
Saturday Jog
Sunday Rest
Wanna play?
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