Saturday, January 18, 2014

T-15 : Seating Silliness

Last night Tara and I went to the temple.  I pondered on the seating arrangements.  For those who don't know, the closer you sit to the front during an endowment session the quicker you get done.  It probably doesn't have any deeper meaning.  But, I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition to how we usually sit in the chapel, in Sunday School, or in a regular school setting.  In those settings it seems that most folks feel more comfortable sitting in the back.  A few will migrate to the front if they're extra-motivated or if they come in late and can't find a seat elsewhere.  I suppose the front row is preferable at ball games, though not always at movies.  I just notice things like that sometimes and wonder if they have any larger part of the great whole of knowledge.  It probably also doesn't mean anything that there actually is a locker number 666 in the temple, right?
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