Saturday, May 26, 2012

T-241 : Montana, Man!

 Fell off the journaling/blogging bandwagon some time back.  Jumped back on tonight.  Here's a new try, picking an item from "On this day..." stuff as a writing starter:

1864 - The Territory of Montana was organized. 

Montana been berry, berry good to me.  My wife is from there.  She was actually born in Murray, Utah, but moved to Montana when she was 5.  We moved up there in 1995 to pursue my teaching career and live near her parents.  We stayed there for 13.5 years as my career took some twists and turns before moving to Rexburg in January of 2009 to work in IT for BYU-Idaho.  My thoughts are turned back to the state today as Tara's parents just disembarked back toward their home this morning after having spent a couple of days with us to celebrate Jacob's high school graduation.  Also, a good friend of mine just texted me last night to say that he got a job working for Oracle/RightNow in Bozeman.  I'll share more details on that later after he formally accepts and tenders his resignation at his current job.  Go, Montana!
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