Sunday, May 27, 2012

T-240 : Journal Pile

How do you organize yours?  I obviously need help!  I had Tara help me locate these in some dresser drawers in our bedroom and pulled them out.  I've now got them organized chronologically and mean to review them each day at journaling time.  I'd like to find a way to perhaps digitize them or rebind them or both.  Are there any services/websites out there that would assist in this?  If not, perhaps this is my way to make my fortune.  I recall friends of mine in Montana suggesting a similar venture, hoping that I'd be the technical brains behind it.  I don't feel confident knowing all the resources available out there today that could bring this to pass.  But I know people and then know people.  If we all put our heads together perhaps we can come up with something.  Services like scanning, OCR, human typing of handwritten entries, security and confidentiality, rebinding in nice book form, etc.  What are your ideas?
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