Monday, March 14, 2011

T-314 : Pi Day

Somehow it's fitting that entry number 314 should fall on National Pi Day.  It also happens to be National Potato Chip Day.  If I was in charge of refreshments for Family Home Evening I had my ketchup chips in the pantry ready to break out for the occasion.  Alas, Tara had made a mint pie -- I think green is on her mind considering St. Patrick's Day is this coming Thursday.  Ketchup chips will have to wait for another time.  At any rate, here are some fun Pi links courtesy of one of my favorite websites,
  • Pi Necklaces
  • Pi Guy on Letterman
  • Pi = 3.2 Bill refuted in Indiana (whew?)
  • Pi Gem
  • Wikipedia Pi
  • Pi Birthday?
  • Pi Quiz
  • Pi Smell
  • Pi Song
  • Pi History
  • Pi Shirt
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