Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T-27 : Library Bored

Domestic AbuseI've volunteered with the Madison Library Foundation for a couple of years now.  I and my whole family really enjoy reading and learning.  So it's an easy interest to turn to a way to help.  The foundation raises money by selling used books, selling candy and popcorn at free library movie nights, and other things in order to help the library fund things they don't have money in their budget to buy.  Well, a few weeks ago I learned through some connections that the actual library board would be holding elections soon for 2 open seats.  I don't know much about it.  But, I threw my hat in the ring.  Lo and behold, only myself and one other person applied.  So, somewhat by default, I'm about to become a member of the Madison Library Board.  Tomorrow is the first meeting since finding out.  I'm a bit apprehensive but mostly excited to find out more and to do what I can to be a good advocate.  Wish me luck!  And don't forget to return your books on time!
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