Sunday, April 28, 2013

T-23 : Dutch Care

Today in church one speaker compared our lives to that of a dutch oven.  I don't know a lot about the things.  But the way he explained it made a lot of sense.  Like a dutch oven we each need individual seasoning and care to keep from getting rusty and cobwebby.  We must know the proper time to "grease" ourselves.  We must take care to use the proper methods; apparently soap and water are not a good thing for cast iron.  This is where the analogy should stay analogous and not literal, stinky.

Later today we read an article together about the power of stories and analogies to convey meaning.  If we're not careful we can try to ingest too much information; even if it's all good.  At some point we have to put that information into practice as opposed to just blathering on and on about how wonderful certain profound thoughts might be.  I believe I have a lot to learn in this arena.  I do post a lot of ideas in snippets.  It's fun to get comments and reactions but a big part of the reason I do so is to collect them for future reference.

So, take what sources you can to learn truths and put as many of them as you can into action.  And stay seasoned, my friends!
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