Sunday, August 3, 2008

Education Weak?

As is becoming an annual tradition I went to BYU-Idaho Education Week this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I know that's only 3 days, which is technically less than a week. That's not the point of the story, though, so just let it go!

This year Tara came again after a brief absence last year due to last-minute Girls Camp schedule changes. It was much better for me with her there. I was even able to resist the urge to pick a different class than she did just for the sake of difference and/or trying to maximize our learning by spreading ourselves out and sharing notes later; which has proven not to be as fruitful as hoped in the past. In other words, we actually went to a couple of classes together; which was good.

Jacob also went with us this year. I think there was a little too much "adult education" for his tastes but he did comment in prayer tonight that he was thankful that he could learn more about how to become a better person. Tara and I talked during one walk between classes about how nice it would be if he only gained one thing from the weekend -- and future "Education Weeks" -- that he could look back on with positive memories. Next year Erik will be able to go, too. I think that will be even better for both of them.

Anyway, as to the title of the post, it's basically a comment on how weak my education is outside the 3 days in Rexburg. The things I learn there have a recharging effect on me, as if what I learn the other 362 days/year don't equal. I'm sure that's partly said because it's so fresh in my mind at the moment and that the feeling will fade in time. That's what blogs/journals are for me, though; to capture snapshots in time that I can look back at later and remember the feelings I felt at said moments.

How do you like my amateur snapshot of the temple, too?
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